Tricks to increase sales on Instagram Stories

There are certain tricks that you can use to increase leads and sales on your Instagram account. They are often used by bloggers, as well as producers who write warm-ups for them.

In this article, we will look at 10 such tricks.

1. Social proof

A wonderful technique that solves the problem of dubious attainability and determination to become the first. The audience turns off critical thinking when they see other people’s success and their positive experience.

Therefore, it is very important to show in stories that there is a demand for your products – this is extremely important.

How to use in stories

Show your cases, messages from happy customers, repost stories that people post about buying your product, show the result in numbers, and so on.

2. Storytelling

Stories are the most common form for assimilating information. It affects the sensory and emotional experience of the listener. The trust of subscribers largely depends on the emotional attachment to the blogger, and a story is a good way to create this attachment.

Don’t forget one important point – people want to find their place in your story. The audience should see their thoughts, feelings, emotions in it – then storytelling will work. If you receive direct messages: “oh, just like mine”, “I thought I was the only one”, “my thoughts are straight” – then you did everything right.

How to Create Engagement in a Story

The main thing is to make sure that the audience not only watches your stories, but also feels:

  • Do not overload stories with meanings. They should be easy and understandable.
  • Use voting in stories. There are about 2 polls per 10 stories.

3. Illusion of scarcity

Scarcity not only increases the possibility of loss, but also increases perceived value. How to create a deficit? Limit at least the sales window, a person should not think that he can buy a product at any moment. As a maximum, make a limit on the number of available seats.

How to use in stories

Use the phrases: “5 hours left until the end of the enrollment”, “last 3 places left for mentoring”. They work great.

4. Authority

It is easiest for people to buy from those whom they trust, and they trust those whom they respect and consider “authority”.
If such people have not contacted you yet, offer them your services for free for a review. It works.

Also, authority is caused by: a confident appearance, clothes, a delivered speech, speaking on TV and radio, articles in magazines and online publications.

5. Create buzz

Make your opening day a little bit special on your Instagram so people don’t see it as a normal day. It is necessary to make people wait for the start of sales and set themselves a reminder. Arrange a small holiday on this day, then it will be better to buy.

How to use in stories

Be sure to show in the story the demand and expectation of the start of training from people. Post screenshots of messages in direct: “I’m really looking forward to your course”, “last time I didn’t have time to get to you, the places were taken apart”, etc. Open sales the way you usually celebrate a birthday. In this state, people buy much better.

6. Availability

People don’t like it when training programs are very difficult. Be sure to add step-by-step instructions, templates, notes to your program. Simplify everything as much as possible and make it clear to the audience that your product will suit even beginners. Thus, you immediately close the objection: “I will not succeed.”

7. Use emotions

Use emotions in sales. It is established that people like to buy in a good, high spirits. Therefore, be sure to be happy yourself in the frame, rejoice at the opening of sales, arrange a holiday out of it.

8. Show your imperfections

People don’t trust perfect people, and audience trust is 50% of launch success. Do not be afraid to show your imperfection, show that you are an ordinary person. Just remember not to undermine your credibility as an expert.

9. Create a community around you

People always want to belong to a certain community, especially if it is a community of successful experts in their niche who achieve their goals. Sell the idea of the environment and community that will be on your product.

10. New features

Present improvements in your product as new opportunities. Give people the idea that your product is a whole new opportunity to change their lives.

Using most of the above psychological techniques, you can multiply your profits.


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