How to sell on Instagram Stories: tips and tricks

If you have a question: “How to get customers through stories?”, then this article is for you.

Problems that sooner or later any blogger faces when maintaining stories:

  • no time to shoot;
  • no idea what to shoot;
  • it’s scary to take pictures of yourself, to show your face;
  • it is difficult, you need to own video and photo editors;
  • low engagement in stories;
  • no audience interest.

There is a formula by which you can create interesting and exciting content to attract customers:

Stories = expertise + human values

Such a symbiosis in stories will help to establish contact with the audience and warm it up from a cold and warm state to a hot one.

How to start a story the right way

It is necessary to make the first stories so that they resemble an acquaintance or the beginning of a conversation. Set the tone for all other stories for the day.

Here are a few tricks that will help you get the attention of subscribers at the beginning of stories:

  1. Hint at the benefit in the next story;
  2. Start with a story (storytelling) so that subscribers are waiting for the continuation;
  3. Start with a fact or event if something happened. Use the informational lead;
  4. Ask an emotional question.
  5. Surprise and play on the effect of surprise – show an unusual place / angle.

Mistakes, or how best not to start:

  • inappropriate jokes or flat humor;
  • dubious newsbreaks;
  • a lot of water at the beginning;
  • the same start each time;

How to end a story correctly

This is also a very important point. Here are a couple of tips:

  • Move the audience from viewing stories to the target action – pick up a checklist, write to you in direct for a consultation, etc.
  • Ask a question in the story, which will reveal the problem / desire of the subscribers.
  • Show the results of the client / your results if you are presenting services.
  • Summarize and summarize the important message you wanted to convey with the stories.
  • Update and reinforce the question if you asked it at the beginning of your series.


Another technique for engagement is storytelling. What is the power of stories? They interest people more than simple facts, because they contain the experience and experiences of a particular person (hero). It forms an emotional connection between you and your audience. And this is the trust and loyalty of the audience.

Storytelling = Sales

How to tell a story so that it attracts customers?

Story structure

Determine the purpose of the story: what message do you want to convey to your target audience. Divide the story into three parts:

  • plot
  • main part
  • end of story.

This will be the structure.


  • Time and place of history (where and when did it begin);
  • The name of the hero of the story is yours or a collective image of your clients;
  • The goal of the hero (for example, a dream about something);
  • Conflict / difficulties (something does not work out, there are fears, someone interferes);

Main part

  • Action (what the hero does to cope with obstacles);
  • The hero goes through difficulties (not everything works out the first time, but he does not give up);
  • The ups and downs of a hero;
  • Emotional context (alternate positive and negative emotions for buildup).

End of story

The end of the story: did you achieve your goal and overcome the difficulties along the way? And, of course, what is the moral of the story? Why did you tell this story? Here you can go back and remember the goal (how it all began).

You can draw a parallel between the hero and the client or the audience. At the intersection, you can:

  • attract attention by highlighting the problem of Central Asia;
  • check if the audience has this problem;
  • give a solution through the hero or your experience;
  • indicate the steps that you or the hero took to get from point A to point B;
  • arouse a desire to solve the problem together with you (buy your service, sign up for a consultation);
  • make a call to the desired action (write in direct, call, sign up, and analysis / consultation).

Storytelling works to form an emotional connection with the audience, without which it will be difficult to build loyalty, trust, and, accordingly, sales. People buy if they trust and know you.

That’s the whole secret.



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