How to create effective case study on Instagram

The best way to demonstrate your expertise on Instagram is to present client projects in the form of case studies. This way you can show how competent you are and what problems you can solve. A good case sells much better than a typical service description or review.

How to write a good case studies

I present a standard scheme. It is perfect for describing a case on Instagram:

  • Who is your client. What does he do?
  • What problem did you come up with? What needed to be done? What result was to be achieved?
  • Solution. What solution was proposed? What difficulties have arisen? How were they decided?
  • Final result. What worked and what didn’t. How did the client benefit from your help?
  • Good completion of the case – review. It can be added to highlights or to a post.

Do not forget to coordinate the case with the client before disclosing the nuances of the work. First, it’s a good tone. Secondly, if you can accidentally divulge a trade secret, you will permanently lose a client or even get a fine. Let’s take a look at the case structure in the example below.

Case example

1. Who contacted you? 6 months ago, Alexander, the owner of the agency and email marketer, contacted me.

2. Problem. Alexander wanted to promote an account on Pinterest. Namely, to get comprehensive knowledge on design and promotion in Pinterest, in order to receive applications and leads to your website and telegram channel. What result was expected? Alexander wanted to launch his course and close sales for at least 100,000 rubles.

3. Solution. Then choose the format of mentoring, since the format of one or two consultations was not suitable. There were difficulties with the design, since successful promotion on Pinterest largely depends on the design. It was decided to hold several photo shoots with Alexander, and also bought stock photos to use for pin design. We tested several templates for design, the most successful ones began to be published in the account.

4. What happened in the end? As a result, in a few months they promoted the account to a million views and made the first launch of a copywriting course. The client was very satisfied, personally wrote a review, and then successfully applies the knowledge gained in practice.


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