What is express lead nurturing in stories Instagram

Warming up on Instagram is an action to warm up your audience as much as possible in order to sell a course (mentorship or product). Express heating can last 7 or 14 days. To warm up, you need to cover the following topics in stories:

  • Basic needs that your product covers;
  • The main idea of the product. This may be a special training format or the result itself, which the client aspires to. This will help to reveal the uniqueness of the product and its value to the target audience.
  • Showcasing your expertise. This is useful informational content on a current topic.
  • Cases, reviews about your services that confirm competence;
  • Information about the training format: duration, venue, interaction with an expert, the number of training materials, handling objections through an open window for questions.

Below I offer an approximate warm-up plan for 14 days.

1 day

Unleash your core value in customer service. How is this value manifested? In what situations (give an example).

2 day

Show point B of your client. Describe the emotional or solid outcome the client will experience at this point B.

3 day

Tell the audience what is your strongest character trait? How exactly did it manifest itself last time? How does it help you with your product/customer work.

4 day

Show the process of work, you can shoot a video from the side and speed it up, or you can shoot it from the first person, show the backstage of your work. Be sure to sign what feelings (emotions) you experienced while working.

5 day

Reveal any pain in your target audience. How does this problem prevent you from reaching the desired point B? What will happen if this pain is not solved? What happens if you decide? Show a review in which this pain was solved.

6 day

What inspires you the most in your work?

7 day

Show screenshots of questions about the service and tell us how you feel about the fact that people trust you to solve their problems, turn to you for help?

8 day

Reveal your principles at work. What do you hate at work? What will definitely never happen in your work/life? Explain why? Also show the process of working with the client, revealing your attitude towards this.

9 day

Trigger activation “Restriction”. Tell us, how many places for services are left this month? (show screenshots of payments). Why is the number of places limited? Are you planning to raise the price?

10 day

Show a strong case. Describe the situation with which the person came, what you did, what result you got. Also tell us what fears you had when you first started working in this niche.

11 day

What is the maximum result the client will receive from your product. What steps (globally) need to be taken to reach such a result? What tools do you use to accurately lead a client to a result?

12 day

Show reviews and questions about the product. Also reveal your weak side (the goal is to make it clear that you are the same as your subscribers, you also have weaknesses).

13 day

Show behind the scenes of the product (a piece of the course, tables, maps). How does this tool help your clients achieve their goals? Why is it impossible to do without this tool (map, table)?

14 day

Do a case study on your topic. For example, parse a subscriber’s visual or some problematic customer request.



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